Thursday, 8 January 2015



This is an absolute cracker of a pretty, darling dress that every little girl will want.  

Thank you - a very big THANK YOU to Night Owl's Menagerie for the pattern ~ which has been used by Dress a Girl last year ~ the instructions and downloadable pattern are linked HERE for you.

Please everyone just remember that Night Owl designed this for charitable purposes so no cheating and using it to make and sell!!  

this is that dress, an easy one to make, the instructions are clear and you won't need ribbons, bows, elastic, ties etc.


YES I know we go on about this a LOT ~ BUT  we are still in receipt of garments that have 

Seams that are not finished, 
Edges of cut pillowslips that are left raw, 
Trims that are stuck on with glue - hello, will that withstand one wash??  
Even received one with buttons glued on!! Oh dear, ladies we know you are better than that!!
The fold up flap on pillowslips that are used as a hem but not stitched ~ a hem that is not stitched will drop down and trip up the wearer 
My goodness me we really cannot keep accepting these errors!!


this is the ten point check list:~

  1. 100% cotton - or very nearly 100%
  2. NOT see through, if you can see a ring on your finger when you put your hand behind one layer then it is too thin and will need lining ~ with cotton!!
  3. All stitching finished and threads sewn in and trimmed
  4. All seams finished ~ no RAW edges
  5. No glued trims
  6. No ribbon ties
  7. All buttons stitched on properly
  8. All pockets finished with a double stitch at the top to prevent them coming undone when the wearer put their hand in the pocket
  9. Elastic on shorts and dresses firmly stitched and not just knotted
  10. Your garment is correct to our size chart - 

Monday, 5 January 2015



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Dress a Girl Around the World - UK

Everyone needs a doll or bear to hug once in a lifetime!  These cuties are just what is needed and are so simple to make, the doll is stitched and the bear is knitted.

So grab your needles and get one underway!

We are making baskets of them to sell to raise funds to help us with postage and printing costs.  If anyone would like to help just let us know!

This is the pattern for the doll, she is snuggled up in her little blanket and is just so adorable you won't resist making some!

Thanks to Dress a Girl USA for the PDF  ~ you can find it HERE

And now, boys and girls alike will just love these teddies, so soft and cuddly; just the chap to help bring a smile and obviously will keep all your secrets safely tucked away!  

Thank you to Bev's Country Cottage Buddy Bears for the link. The link is HERE.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Hi there all our lovely stitchers.

Happy New Year, we hope that you all had a truly wonderful family time together.

Ready for the New Season here is an image that clearly shows some important things to note.

Ties - no ribbon please as it often frays and shreds and is sharp and uncomfortable to wear, sad because they do look pretty - just remember that we have to cut ribbon shoulder ties off and make new fabric or soft bias binding ones to replace the ribbon! 

Backstitching and finishing seams

100% cotton fabrics please

Making yours the best dress ever that will last!  Please only use dyes that are specifically made for cotton fabrics.

Added to that
Please Remember:~

That girls need to be able to walk and run comfortably so no tight hems please!
That boys need shorts too!
That all trims have to be washed harshly like the dress, and that they do not have resources to repair them!
The older girls need dresses too!

Thank you all!